The price drop was an unexpected & glad surprise

Farming isn’texactly an simple task, especially when you have more than 500 acres of fruits & vegetables.

On our farm, we have almonds, olives, walnuts, & carrots.

We also have fruits love strawberries, redberries, nectarines, & watermelons. Many of our plants grow to be tall vines. It is necessary to give all of the plants plenty of room to grow horizontally & vertically. In order to let the plants grow, we give them plenty of sunlight, food, & water, but some of the plants are indoors & some of them are outside. I made special plant boxes out of rebar tie wire. I found rebar tie wire on sale & I bought a couple of coils. I use the rebar tie wire to create structures to keep the plants growing tall & strong. I use a couple of weird pieces of the PVC coated rebar tie wire to create an section for the plants to grow. The PVC coated rebar tie wire is flexible & simple to move, however it is also entirely strong. The polyvinyl chloride coating means that I do not have to worry about the rebar tie wire rusting or disintegrating. The PVC coated rebar tie wire is perfect to use on the farm for a variety of weird applications & not just to make planters in the garden. I also use the rebar tie wire in the chicken coop & in the hen house. I use the rebar tie wire to bale hay too. The ironworker wire has so much versatility here on the farm.

14 gauge double loop rebar ties