Can’t afford mortgage or repairs

When I initially moved to Jacksonville, I purchased a house that I couldn’t afford. The real estate market was making it legitimately hard to purchase a home. Properties were selling legitimately hastily as well as often for above the asking price. I was in the process of relocating from the northern part of the country to accept a job at a brand new business. The business showed real promise as well as provided by a significant increase in salary as well as prestige. Feeling pressure to secure living arrangements as well as getting swept up in the dynamic real estate market, I made an offer on a house on the St. Johns river. The house was far larger than I needed. I appreciated the gorgeous view of the river as well as the boat dock. I had aspirations of buying a kayak, paddleboard as well as someday, a small sailboat. I should have been slightly suspicious by the brand new appliances, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, walls as well as floors. I later realized that everything had been upgraded due to flood detriment. I was barely covering the mortgage payments when a hurricane hit, the river overflowed as well as water rushed into my home. Not only did the dirty flood water destroy all of my furnishings, floors, appliances as well as fixtures, it created problems with moisture. This led to mold as well as mildew growth, musty odors as well as health problems. At about that same time, my business went bankrupt as well as I lost my job. There was no way I could afford the expense of repairs. I also knew that selling the house in its current condition would be just about impossible. My solution was to contact a cash home client that accepts houses in any state of disrepair.



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Reasons to sell a house for cash

Selling a house is a sizable decision that requires a lot time, effort as well as even expense. In Jacksonville, selling a house for cash is an alternative to traditional listing that is gaining popularity. There a lot of benefits, including speed as well as efficiency. Traditional real estate transactions are normally quite time-consuming, usually, usually taking at least many weeks or even months to complete. Cash transactions can be finalized more hastily, occasionally in as little as ten afternoons. This swift turnaround can be especially helpful for anyone who needs to sell their house due to financial challenges, job relocations or other important circumstances. In many instances, a house needs repairs as well as renovations to make it great to potential customers. Issues with the roof, plumbing, electrical or heating/cooling equipment can add up to significant expense. Not all sellers have the resources or desire to undertake such a sizable project before listing their house on the market. Transactions are regularly contingent on the client securing financing. That can cause delays as well as difficulties. Banks aren’t willing to finance a purchase that doesn’t qualify for insurance. In Jacksonville, storm detriment, an older roof, termite infestation, outdated wiring as well as all sorts of problems can cause the home to fail inspection. Cash transactions are not contingent on inspections, insurance or mortgage approvals. There is no need to pay for an appraisal. For homeowners facing financial difficulties as well as the threat of foreclosure, selling a house for can can be the ideal solution. Cash customers expedite the process, providing a straightforward as well as transparent completion. There is a lot less paperwork as well as hassle. Eliminating financing obstacles can be a immense relief. There’s also flexibility on closing dates. It’s possible to coordinate the sale of the current house with the purchase of new one so that the timelines labor out.

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Renters do considerable damage

The eviction process was slow, difficult and stressful.

The first home I purchased in Jacksonville was a bit small with a slightly odd layout. However, the house had quite a bit of potential. I didn’t plan on making the property my family’s forever home, so I wasn’t willing to take on major upgrades. I improved the bathroom with a new vanity and mirror. I installed a new floor in the kitchen and painted every room. Investing into some shrubs and plants and spending a few weekends on landscaping improvements made a big difference to the curb appeal. When I received a promotion at work and started earning significantly more money, I decided it was time to elevate my family’s living situation. We toured quite a few properties before deciding on a home in the San Marcos area. Rather than sell the original house, I rented it out. Receiving that extra income every month helped to pay the mortgage on the new house. Unfortunately, the renters caused some major problems. They initially complained to me that there was an infestation of rats. While living there, I had never spotted a rat. I eventually learned that the renter owned a food truck. They were preparing large batches of food in the house and not effectively cleaning up. There were food scraps and garbage lying around and drawing in the rats. Although I paid for pest control, the situation simply drew in new rats within days. There were also issues with cockroaches. The neighbors began to complain because my renters weren’t mowing the lawn. The eviction process was slow, difficult and stressful. By the time I got the renters out, they’d left behind a great deal of damage. At that point, I simply wanted to sell the house. I didn’t have the energy to take on another round of remodeling.


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Hurricane causes major property damage

I love living in Jacksonville.

Coastal living offers all sorts of unique benefits.

However, it also creates some challenges. A few years ago, a hurricane came through the area and caused extensive damage to my home. High winds, storm surfers and heavy rainfall led to problems with the roof, windows and walls. The force of the hurricane compromised the stability of the home. The structural issues required immediate attention. When I called in a professional for an estimate, the cost of reinforcing walls, addressing foundation concerns and roofing materials was huge. The combination of torrential rain and storm surges resulted in flooding. The water rushed into the home and destroyed cupboards, floors and appliances. The moisture led to mold and mildew growth and health hazards. The contractors recommended bringing in industrial-grade dehumidifiers. The hurricane made it necessary to replace the electrical system, water heater, furnace and air conditioner. Although I had kept up with insurance premiums, the policy excluded natural disasters from coverage. The whole house was a disaster and continuing to live in it wasn’t an option. I was reluctant to invest into a full repair and renovation with the possibility of another hurricane in the future. I no longer wanted to live on the river. Listing the house wasn’t an option. There was no way anyone could secure a bank loan on a house in that condition. My solution was to sell the house for cash. Cash buyers are willing to take on properties in need of work. I was able to close on the sale in ten days and walk away with cash in hand.

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