I wanted to sell our beach house fast for cash

Medical problems as well as health troubles run abound in our family in every generation on both our paternal as well as maternal sides.

My dad’s father had to get open heart surgery when I was a child as well as I’ll never forget the look of fear on all the people’s faces while both of us were crowded in the lobby waiting for an update from the surgeon. Instead of being an isolated bad memory, it was simply a precursor for things to come. After that incident, I watched our mother get carried out of our beach house on a stretcher at 13 when she had a horrible menstrual hemorrhage as well as nearly died. With several blood transfusions she miraculously survived. However, she was back in the hospital a year later with several blood clots in her right leg. It’s amazing that she survived all of these years with all of those attempts on her life with inexplicable health troubles. While I’m used to the emotional trauma of family medical emergencies, not until now have I faced head on the financial strain of a family health crisis. My fiance needs cancer treatments as well as now I’m looking to sell whatever I can to come up with cash as quickly as possible. I bought a beach house fast for cash last year as well as renovated it with the intention of renting it out. There is no way I can handle being a property owner with our family medical emergency so I need to sell our beach house fast for cash as well as I’m hoping that I’ll find a buyer sooner or later. I saw a few signs around our town that were made by hand from people supposedly looking to buy houses for cash, however both leads weren’t even worth the trouble involved.



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