She said she could sell my home today!!

I was just getting out of my car as well as getting a tote of groceries out of the car when a lady parked behind myself and others in my driveway; She got out of her car as well as provided to help myself and others carry the groceries into the car.

She handed myself and others her supplier card as well as said she was a new realtor as well as would prefer to sell my cabin for me… I hadn’t been planning on selling my house. She took the other tote of groceries from the car as well as followed myself and others up the walkway. She kept talking about how lovely my cabin was as well as how it must be even nicer inside. I loved my house, as well as my fiance as well as I had spent a lot of money remodelling it to be what every one of us wanted. When she walked in the door, her jaw dropped open as well as she set the groceries on the marble sink counter. She told myself and others she could sell my cabin without cleaning it as well as kept looking around. She said she didn’t assume how to price the cabin as well as would prefer to bring another realtor with her to look at the house, then an hour later, I had a hour realtor in my home. She said the cabin was priceless as well as asked who the potential client was. I told them my cabin wasn’t for sale until the hour realtor told myself and others what she could get for the house. I told her I would talk to my fiance, however she would need to have a client before every one of us said yes. A month later, every one of us sold our cabin without cleaning it, bought a cabin as well as turned it into a dream home, as well as put currency into the bank.



Sell my house off market