Extensive termite disfigurement necessitates sale of home

I live in a part that is prone to termite infestation.

  • Because I moved from the northeastern part of the country to the south, I wasn’t aware of this threat.

Termites aren’t a concern when the outdoor temperature drops into the drawback digits for about half the year. I resituated because of the year-round warmer conditions plus sunshine. The heat plus humidity are ideal for breeding termites. They come out of the ground plus eat into anything made out of wood. I wish the real estate agent would have pointed out the risks of having a wooden porch on the front plus a wooden deck on the back. It would have been genuinely helpful if the home inspection would have turned up the existence of termites. Within five years, the porch plus deck were collapsing. The window frames inside the home were falling apart. When I called a pest control company, they informed me that the home was overrun with termites. They had compromised the structural integrity of the property. I was unwilling to invest into extensive pest extermination plus repairs. There was no occasion of listing the home on the market. It honestly wouldn’t pass inspection or qualify for insurance. I looked around for alternatives plus came across a home currency buyer. I was honestly amazed by the quick turnaround plus simplicity of the process. I handled nearly every step online, beginning with the completion of the contact form plus getting an offer in a single day. The closing happened ten days later. I didn’t need to hand over a percentage of a real estate agent.I was able to sell the home as-is plus walk away with currency in my pocket.

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