You would never think that you would have to use so many of these

We use so many rebar wire ties out on the farm that you just wouldn’t believe it.

We actually purchase them in bags of 5000 pieces, and we go through them like crazy. We use them to tie up fence posts, and we have thousands of fence posts around here. I have no clue how many fence posts we actually do have, but with Literally hundreds of acres of pasture land, you can bet that it is a high number. Every single person who ever works on the farm has some rebar wire ties in their packs and saddlebags when they go out to ride fences or to do chores because you honestly just never know when you are going to need some. I know that sounds crazy, but rebar wire ties are really important to the day to day life and operations out here on the farm. We use rebar wire ties for fence posts, but we use them for other things too. We use them for hay bales, for the irrigation systems, for tying up the tools in the tool shed and for mending anything that gets loosened up or that threatens to fly away! As a matter of fact, last week we had to use some to mend a stall door where my horse kept getting out. These rebar wire ties are super strong and durable and so we used them to reinforce the stall door! I guess what I’m really saying is that the opportunities to use rebar wire ties are actually endless. They are super handy to have around when you are working somewhere like a farm.


14 gauge double loop wire ties