Working in the park system can be rough sometimes

In our state, we have a huge park system that is run and maintained by a huge team of workers who take Nature preservation very seriously.

Everyone who works on the team is a certified naturalist who knows that maintaining our parks and wild areas in the state is very important.

There are so many rivers, lakes, and streams in the park district that we know that our jobs are super important to the health and well being of the entire state and community. Most of us really love our jobs and we do everything that we can to help with preservation and with growing and maintaining wildlife and wild areas in the state. As you can imagine, it is a huge undertaking, and there are literally thousands of acres of wild areas that we have to maintain. One of the main things that we have to deal with on a regular basis are the fence networks across the state that divide our park lands from private lands. There are fences everywhere and we have to make sure that they are upright and doing their jobs to separate public from private land. I have to order thousands and thousands of stainless steel double loop wire ties to use on our fencing projects throughout the state. These stainless steel double loop wire ties are made in the USA and they are super durable. Luckily, they are easy to get and our supplier ships quickly. We order these stainless wire ties for every single outpost that we have because they are so helpful for our park employees to use to maintain our fencing.

16 gauge galvanized wire ties