We weren’t able to get all of the supplies that we needed

Two years ago when the country was basically on a hiatus from everything and no one was doing anything but staying at home, it was a rough time for us. My family and I own a construction company and we were trying to keep things up and running as best as we could but it was a very difficult time to be in the construction business. It wasn’t because we were all getting sick or anything like that, because basically we always work outside anyway. None of us were really worried about catching a virus, but we were having a lot of trouble with getting all of the supplies that we needed to keep working. There was a lumber shortage, and the prices of lumber went up like crazy. Actually, just about every single thing that we needed became very hard to get and things also went way up in cost. I guess that’s how it goes with the whole supply and demand thing, but it was very frustrating for all of us. One of the things that we needed a whole lot of that we could not get at that point was double loop rebar ties. We use 16 gauge double loop rebar ties a lot out on the job sites that we workout, and it was very difficult to get those at that point too. Finally, once things started running like normal again, we were able to get most of our supplies in. Since the double loop rebar ties that we use are American made wire ties, we were able to get them quicker than if they had been shipped in from somewhere else.

Tie wire coils american made