We use so many 16 gauge double loop rebar ties on the job site

My crew uses so many 16 gauge double loop rebar ties out on our job sites that we have to order them by the thousands.

It’s one of those building materials that we never want to run out of because everyone uses them. Of course, we use them for tying rebar when we are doing concrete work, but we have also found that this same size and type of double loop rebar ties are really great for when we are working on scaffolding, too. Between the concrete jobs and all of the work that we have to do on scaffolding, we end up using thousands upon thousands of 16 gauge double loop rebar ties every time that we do a job. Last year when we worked on a huge apartment complex, I bet that we went through at least ten thousand double loop rebar ties and that’s no joke. The guys on the job site use these things for literally everything. One guy told me that he actually swiped some off of the last job site because he wanted to take them home to tie up the tomatoes in his garden. Another guy that I know uses them in his garage to attach loose wires and car parts under the hoods of various cars that he works on. Yet another one told me that he took some to tie up the lanterns at his camp site around his picnic table by his camper. I guess the possibilities are endless, but now I know why we have to keep ordering more of them!

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