We needed to find some American made rebar wire ties

We needed to find a good supplier for construction materials for our company and we wanted to use domestic suppliers if possible.

  • It’s always good to buy American made products whenever you can, and so our company makes it a point to support other companies that are based in our own country.

This is especially important if you’re restricted to using domestic certified wire. Our company is restricted to using domestic certified wire and so finding American made, certified domestic rebar wire ties is at the top of the list for important supplies for us. We had been using a company for quite a few years but after the pandemic, they ended up going out of business without very much warning. After that happened, we ended up having to find another supplier for many of our building materials, including our rebar wire ties. We go through rebar wire ties like crazy when we are working on new projects, and so we really needed to find a new supplier that had American made rebar wire ties as soon as possible. It was difficult to find a place that had as many on hand as we needed right away, but eventually we were able to find a new company to help us out. They were actually really helpful to us because they are willing to take larger orders and give us some sizable discounts on shipping. They have quite an array of American made products and so we are going to start ordering all of our metal products from them in the future.

14 gauge double loop wire ties