We needed 16 gauge black annealed double loop wire ties

When you work in a huge warehouse the way that I do, you end up needing fastening mechanisms quite a bit more often than you might think.

You’re always needing them for something or another and a lot of the time, it seems like you can’t find one when you need one. However, our supervisor finally decided that he was going to start ordering some American made black annealed double loop wire ties so that we would always have some on hand when we needed them. I thought that it was a great idea on his part because when you’re in a warehouse the size of ours, someone is always asking for double loop ties. He ended up purchasing them in bags of 2000, from a company that uses only certified domestic items. That’s always been really important to the owners of the warehouse where I work and I’m glad that they care whether or not their supplies are American made or not. Anyway, the supervisor ordered a whole lot of 16 gauge black annealed double loop wire ties and we have been using them for all kinds of things ever since. It’s nice to have them around because you never know when you are going to need some kind of fastener. The 16 gauge double loop wire ties are better than the other sizes and everyone loves knowing that we have them at our disposal on the shelf whenever we need them. It saves us a whole lot of time whenever we are looking for something! The warehouse is huge, so you don’t want to have to make an extra trip across the building if you don’t have to.


Tie wire coils certified domestic