Sold my Jaxksonvlle house because I wanted to move

I moved to Jacksonville, Florida for the weather.

I was sick of the cold, snow, and ice of my northern home state.

I loved Jax for a bit. It was fun hitting the beach, teh bars, shops, and seeing the local sights of St. Augustine and Avondale. Then I realized I didn’t really want to do much city living anymore. I didn’t like that my house was right near the hustle and bustle. I then noticed I really didn’t like the heat that came with Florida living. I would rather deal with snow than 100 degree weather. I lived all year for the winter season and it was mainly six weeks. So I decided that I was going to move back home. I could get a bigger place, more private, and with more property for less money due to the area. The thing I needed to do was sell my Jacksonvlle home. I thought about listing with a real estate agent but I didn’t want to waste the time. I got my place of work to transfer me. I had all my furniture sent to my parents place. I had a bit on a new house in the north. I just needed to go. I didn’t want to hang around waiting for my Jax house to go. So I ended up looking at Florida cash home buyers. The Jacksonville real estate buyer was really great about being clear and upfront with what he was offering. It took me only a day to sell my house and then I was finally able to move.

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