Sold for cash since I didn’t want to replace the roof

My wife and I have always wanted to live on the beach. At the time we couldn’t afford it though. So we bought a place in downtown Jax with the idea that someday we would get to be on the beach. We worked our butts off, saved, and then started hunting for a new place. The perfect place came around and we toured it and then started working on a deal. The house needed a new roof. That is okay, no problem at all. I was prepared to do a downpayment and a new roof on our home. Since it was going to be our house, I didn’t mind. Well when I was trying to sell my Jacksonville city home, the real estate agent tried to get me to put a new roof on. Everyone who toured my place didn’t like the old roof. They wanted a new one. They wanted me to pay for it. I have a beach house and a roof already on my credit card, I am not adding another one. The house honestly didn’t need a roof. I talked to professional roofers and had it inspected. It was just people being greedy. I knew insurance would get on the home too. So I ended up dumping my real estate agent and finding a Florida real estate buyer who does cash deals. My Jax home for cash was such a smart move. The talk of a new roof never came up. I got a smoking deal and was able to sell the home in a day. It was quick, easy, and efficient.

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