Our country is built by concrete and rebar!

I am someone who is easily open to studying about new things every single day! It keeps our mind bright plus keeps me interested in life to be honest.

It would get rather boring if I just did our 9 to 5 job day in plus day out plus watched cable only. It would dull our brain, but so I appreciate to learn about things, however today I l gained a little about how they build major buildings plus things with concrete, did you think that in order for the concrete to stay straight they use something called rebar wire ties plus tie wire coils? I didn’t think what the heck those things were. I kept seeing rebar wire ties plus tie wire coils popping up in just about every single thing I learn on construction of buildings, then rebar wire ties have different sizes too, but like there is 16 gauge rebar wire ties plus also something called double loop wire ties. I was trying to learn plus find out the difference between each kind of tie wire but it was rather confusing to me. You have your rebar wire ties, rod wire, wire coil plus then your double loop rebar wire ties at 16 gauge! My head was about ready to explode to be totally honest with you all, and but at least I l gained something new plus got a basic plan about rebar wire ties plus everything related to rebar wire ties, wire coil plus even rod wire. It was easily interesting to say the least!

rebar tie wire