My dad insists on using American made products

My dad insists on only using American made products in whatever he is doing.

It used to bother me and get on my nerves a little bit, because sometimes it’s really hard to find things that are made in the USA.

Many times over the years, it would have just been easier to purchase something that was shipped in from overseas than to keep looking for something that was made in America. However, my dad is very adamant and stubborn about only buying American made products. He says that it is the least that we can do to help our country out. He says that manufacturing should be America’s biggest thing and that we shouldn’t be self supporting. Now that I’m getting older, I tend to agree with him. We recently have been doing a lot of concrete work for our company, and I decided that my dad was right and that I would use American made rebar wire ties in my concrete pours. Prior to this year, I always used stuff that was shipped in from overseas, but honestly, it wasn’t very high quality. The American made rebar wire ties that I have started ordering from this local company are much better. They are very durable and versatile, and we can use them for just about anything, honestly. If you have ever worked on a construction site, you know that you end up needing things like tie wire for all kinds of jobs. Even though the rebar tie wire that we have been ordering is a little more expensive, it’s certified domestic and it’s much higher quality than what we were using before.


Zinc coated Rebar wire ties