My boss is so mad at me because I messed up

Last week my boss wanted me to order these double loop wire ties that we needed for a big concrete job that we were working on.

Actually, the job itself is a whole entire building downtown, but we were working on the foundation part of the building and we were getting ready to pour the concrete.

Whenever we pour concrete, we always make sure to tie our rebar together to make everything more stable. My boss loves using these American made double loop rebar ties that he orders from one specific company. I don’t know what happened to me that day. I don’t know if I spaced out or what, but when I called up the company to order the 16 gauge double loop rebar ties that we always order, I somehow ended up ordering the 14 gauge double loop ties instead. They come in bags of 5000, and when we got a big shipment of them and they were 14 gauge double loop ties instead of the 16 gauge rebar wire ties that we always get, my boss nearly lost his mind. He was so mad that I had inadvertently caused us to get off track with our schedule that I was really worried for his health. He looked like his head was going to explode. Of course, the whole thing was my fault, but I didn’t do it on purpose! Also, this was the first big mistake that I have ever made on the job so he ended up taking it easy on me. I guess it could have been worse.



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