I’m ordering all of my wire ties online from now on

Last week I had the worst experience ever when I was at the local hardware store looking for some rebar wire ties.

I was working on a big fencing project and I needed more rebar wire ties. I had been using 14 gauge double loop wire ties, and I wanted some more just like them. I was willing to settle for 16 gauge double loop wire ties if I couldn’t find the 14 gauge ones, but I needed them right away because I was on a time schedule. I had taken off from work for two days to get my project done and I did not have any time to waste. I wasn’t going to be able to take any more time off from work and I didn’t want to leave everything unfinished if I didn’t have to. So I jumped in the truck and I ran down to the hardware store to get some more wire ties. The people who worked in the store didn’t even know where to direct me for something like double loop wire ties. I honestly don’t think that the employees at the store had ever even heard of them before. Four different people were going up and down the aisles trying to find the wire ties. It was a good thing that I had taken one with me to show to them or they never would have found them! Finally, about 25 minutes later they found something that was similar. Even though they did not have 14 gauge rebar wire ties like I wanted, they did have some 18 gauge wire ties. I couldn’t believe that it took them so long to find them! I am ordering online from now on.


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