I was really embarrassed yesterday at work

I work at a hardware store downtown and yesterday was the worst day that I have ever had at work.

I felt like an idiot so many times yesterday that I just wanted to leave and go home! I almost told my boss that I was sick because I just had such a bad day.

The worst part of the day was when this guy came in and started asking me if we had something called rebar wire ties. I have never even heard of rebar wire ties before, and I work in the paint department. I don’t know why he was asking me for the rebar wire ties because mainly I just focus on mixing paint and selling paint brushes every single time that I’m at work. But since I am an employee of the store, I tried to help him so I took him to the department where I thought the rebar wire ties would be. However, they were not there and the guy in the other department didn’t know what they were either. We started looking all over the store for these things, and nobody even knew what they were. The customer had one rebar wire tie with him in his pocket, and he pulled it out and showed us what a 14 gauge double loop rebar tie looks like. Once he finally showed it to us, we figured out that it was something that would be in our construction department. I’m not sure why he did not just show it to us in the first place. I think he just wanted to see if we knew what we were doing, which we obviously did not.

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