I think that ordering our construction products online is a great idea

My brothers and I run a construction company and we used to do all of our building materials supply ordering in person.

We actually used to go down to the construction materials warehouse and purchase everything that we needed right there on the site, load it all up in our trucks, and head out to whichever job sites we happened to be working on at the time. These days, we don’t do things quite the same way anymore. It saves us a lot of time when we can order some of our construction products online. When you think about it, it’s really a genius way to do things. When we are able to order our construction products online, it keeps us from having to drive all the way down to the warehouse, and it saves us time on ordering, paying, and loading. I especially love it when we are able to have things shipped directly to the job sites. We have recently started ordering construction materials from a metal supplier company and they are great about shipping directly to our job sites. We order all of our rebar wire ties from them. We use lots of rebar wire ties in our construction jobs, especially when we are pouring concrete for footers and for the foundations of our buildings. We usually order 18 gauge double loop rebar ties from them in quantities of 5000. They come with 5000 in a bag, and usually we order 10,000 at a time. That usually lasts us for a while, unless we are in a really busy season.

Galvanized Double loop rebar ties