Double loop wire ties can be used for lots of stuff

Plastic coated double loop wire ties are made from a really versatile material and they can be used for lots of different jobs.

You can use plastic coated double loop wire ties for just about anything, from tying rebar to tying up fence posts to tying shopping bags at the grocery store.

The company that we order our plastic coated double loop wire ties from is super accommodating. They have many different lengths and materials available, and most of them are certified domestic double loop wire ties. That’s really important to some companies who have government contracts the way that we do. We have a lot of construction projects going on right now and luckily for us, the plastic coated double loop wire ties that we order from this company are manufactured right here in the same state where we are located. They told us recently that if we ever have a job that requires a length or material that they don’t show as available on their website, then we should just contact them and request it. They are very helpful and accommodating of special requests like that. If they can do what we want with their existing materials and machinery, then they are happy to do special jobs for us. I love the fact that we have a good working relationship and I look forward to working with these guys in the future, too. I know that if I need a certain length for the double loop wire ties that we use so many of, they will try to do it for me. It’s nice to have someone on your side when you are in this type of business.


16 gauge double loop rebar ties