American made wire products are hard to locate

I remembered the ancient wire hangers our mom hung our clothes on, however they consistently left the worst marks in our overcoats… She also had black wire frames to put our father’s pants on, while drying, the pants would have a crease in the middle of the legs that went all the way to the waist.

It was a great use of wire, although I wondered what kind of wire it was.

I was consistently a curious child, and I was even more curious as I got older. I enjoyed to learn current things, especially how things are made and where words came from. When I l received ‌hangers are made of black annealed rod wire, and I wanted to know what it is. The black annealed wire is made of low carbon steel wire rod material. It is finished with oil to avoid it becoming rusty. Through the process of annealing, iron wire is soft for processing and baling uses. It has high strength and great stretching resistance. I remembered trying to use one mom’s ancient wire hangers to make a halo for our daughter in the Christmas pageant; No matter how much I tried to change the shape, I couldn’t quite get it to go into a perfect circle! My daughter’s halo was more of a diamond shape, however it was easy to form. When looking at the wire hanger, I didn’t guess it was as necessary to find out what they made it from, as it was to figure out how to change how it looked in its hanger form! Although our daughter didn’t mind the ill-formed halo, our minister looked at it oddly.


16GA stainless bar wire