Specialized freight logistics company

Today’s consumers order the majority of products online, taking advantage of the convenience of delivery right to their doorstep.

More and more homeowners are tackling DIY improvement projects, purchasing a wide variety of building materials, from drywall to cordless tools.

As the retail environment continues to evolve, so does the role of the warehouse. Maximizing efficiency and storage space is more important than ever. The warehouse needs to be able store all sizes and shapes of products and access them quickly. The perfect solution is pallet racking systems. A wide variety of designs accommodate all different needs. There are those that provide easy access to forklifts. There are others that are set up so that the first product in is the last product out. Specific pallet racks are best for bulky items while others cater to perishables. Along with the need for pallet racks specific to the requirements of the warehouses is the shipping demands to move these systems. In the freight world, this type of equipment moves all over based on where they are required. The logistics are rather complicated. Pallet racks are complex, sizable and often heavy. It takes a specialized company to organize the transfer of pallet racks. A company that has emerged as a world-class provider in the supply chain is Taddeo. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, they can transport pallet racks as well as any type of freight all over the USA, Canada and Mexico. A major asset of Taddeo is their partnership with GlobalTranz. With more than two thousand employees and seventy-five offices across the United States and Mexico, they handle transportation management, warehouse services, supply chain visibility, reverse logistics and business coaching.


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