Can’t afford mortgage or repairs

When I initially moved to Jacksonville, I purchased a house that I couldn’t afford. The real estate market was making it legitimately hard to purchase a home. Properties were selling legitimately hastily as well as often for above the asking price. I was in the process of relocating from the northern part of the country to accept a job at a brand new business. The business showed real promise as well as provided by a significant increase in salary as well as prestige. Feeling pressure to secure living arrangements as well as getting swept up in the dynamic real estate market, I made an offer on a house on the St. Johns river. The house was far larger than I needed. I appreciated the gorgeous view of the river as well as the boat dock. I had aspirations of buying a kayak, paddleboard as well as someday, a small sailboat. I should have been slightly suspicious by the brand new appliances, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, walls as well as floors. I later realized that everything had been upgraded due to flood detriment. I was barely covering the mortgage payments when a hurricane hit, the river overflowed as well as water rushed into my home. Not only did the dirty flood water destroy all of my furnishings, floors, appliances as well as fixtures, it created problems with moisture. This led to mold as well as mildew growth, musty odors as well as health problems. At about that same time, my business went bankrupt as well as I lost my job. There was no way I could afford the expense of repairs. I also knew that selling the house in its current condition would be just about impossible. My solution was to contact a cash home client that accepts houses in any state of disrepair.



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